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Portal to Maryland is designed to capture the best of what Maryland has to offer.  We hope that you will agree that we have created a unique and useful portal site for Maryland information.  This is not some impersonal site run by some big impersonal company; rather, we are a site that is developed by Marylanders for Marylanders.  We are owned and operated by Funmark Advertising, Inc. & Marylandinfo.com, which are based in Annapolis, MD. We live, work, play, shop, and travel in Maryland.  We are capturing everything that we know and love about Maryland and are organizing it an easy to navigate site.  We are working every day to make this the ultimate web site for Maryland information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find what I'm looking for?  There's a lot here but it's easy to find your way around.  Everything is reachable from our Maryland portal page, by using the table of contents above.  We are adding more everyday so bookmark us now and check back often.

Can I get free listings and free web space on Portal to Maryland?  Yes, you can get free business listings and free web space at Portal to Maryland.  See more information.

Our Services

We designed this site to provide free information.  But we also provide web page hosting and development services through Funmark Advertising, Inc.  We provide free links to any Maryland business or organization but reserve the right to refuse to link to any organization.  We will not link to adult or hate sites.  We host pages on our server for very reasonable fees - free for charitable organizations.

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